Subject Verb Agreement Worksheets With Answers Grade 7

1. Transitive Word: Examples: Mr. Hales takes class this morning. With these sentences, Mr. Hales takes the class. Here we go. The word „Mr. Hales“ is Nov. The word „class“ is the object. The word „takes“ is the verb. It is only when the three words are there that all sentences become complete and meaningful. In the event that the object word is not there, the phrase „Mr. Hales takes“ makes no sense and the sentences are not complete.

In this case, „What is Mr. Hales taking?“ is not clear. It is only when the verb „takes“ receives an object that the meaning behind the verb „takes“ becomes complete. This means that the verb „takes“ needs an object to make itself complete. Such a verb, which requires an object, is called a transitory verb. This means that the effect of the verb is transferred to another noun or something else. CBSE Class 7 English Practice Worksheet – Verb Agreement – Exercise Sheets for CBSE Students. Prepared by teachers from the best CBSE schools in India. Necessity: „need“ has the strength of necessity or obligation.

If this verb „need“ is used to mean engagement in the negative form or interrogation, `s` is not added to the singular in the third person (currently tense). 9. the staff______________ are satisfied with their new pay increase. In each sentence, the subject and the verb must agree personally (first, second or third) and number (singular or plural). Examples: 4. Words like, anyone, either …, nor …, each, a little, designate an `he /shelit, so that they take a singular verb. Examples: Notes: 1. Many transitive verbs can also be used as intransitive verbs. Examples: 2. Intransitive Word: As mentioned above, an intransitive verb is the verb that takes no object. Examples: Students must download and practice these worksheets for free to get more grades in the exams. CBSE Class 7 English Exercise Sheet – Verb Accord 2.

Complete these sentences with the verb forms of the names in parentheses. i) The thief tried to be innocent_ – (Evidence) ii) „I`ll be home soon,“ Kashi said. (Thoughts) (iii) You must be correct if you come with us. (Behaviour) (iv) I don`t have the incredible story of Shanta — (Faith) (v) Teachers asked me to make the tablet – (Cleanness) (vi) Children – aloud during the teacher`s joke. (Gaieté) (vii) I use the remaining bread for the birds — (food) (viii) Try the hall and with rangoli. (Beauty) ix) The Minister`s speech was intended to celebrate the country`s brave soldiers. (Glory) (x) Please find a solution to this threat. (Thoughts) 15. Mathematics (are) John`s favorite subject, while Civics (are) Andreas the favorite subject.

one. In each of the following lines, a verb does not match the theme. Point out the wrong verb and write it correctly. 25. The Minister and his deputies______________ are close to his arrival.