Traffic Signal Maintenance Agreement

The scope of our maintenance contract includes a 24-hour emergency response service. We have a 24-hour on-call list for our technicians, via our call centre and the phone number for emergency response. We offer a 7-day, 24-hour call-out service, a climbing lane in the event of a communication breakdown and a mobilization process in case the response to incidents requires more resources than a single technician. TSL was the subcontractor responsible for the work on traffic lights and public lighting for this project. These include pipeline, fattening facilities, wiring, hanging and installation of lanterns, software testing, commissioning and initial maintenance. We have also installed SCATS connections via multiplexar for crossovers. During this period, we partnered directly with JTOC in software installations, commissioning and integration. In addition to traffic lights, TSL has provided and installed streetlights as part of the New Lynn revitalization project. We also designed and built the electronic road signs for bus ducts. Over the past four years, Auckland City Council has implemented a series of road construction projects that have included new or improved lights. The services we have provided are examples of this: maintenance and modernization work is often carried out at busy and busy intersections where it is important to minimize disruption to pedestrian and traffic flows. We have established an excellent collaboration with our customers, we meet their wishes and we understand their requirements towards us. During this contract, we developed a number of innovations that offered benefits in terms of reduced costs, security or added value.

This contract covers the maintenance and updating of 100 traffic lights. The scope includes prevention, 24-hour emergency and error response, lamp change, wiring and electronic component repair, controller configuration, loop exchange, updated RAMM asset data, traffic management, and proactive device status message. Upgrades include crossover hardware and software, switching to LED lanterns, new pylons, controller loops, wiring; Integration with SCATS and making available all integrated and ramm asset data. The ongoing maintenance of various traffic lights on St. Charles Road. Busy intersections on St Charles Road are a priority for maintenance. We have worked closely with local businesses, local schools and motorists to minimize disruption to their day-to-day operations. TSL has completed all the work at a very high level, showing that it can provide on time and budget with sufficient resources. This project required a very detailed and complex management of traffic and pedestrians. Design, manufacture, supply and installation of signalling masts and feeder arms, including some innovative traffic lights/road light masts.

Installing and installing traffic light controllers. Delivery and installation of ampellans. Development, installation and integration of a new Pedestrian Count reverse lantern for the Queen St project (see separate case study).