Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement (Etla)

(B) On the first and second anniversary of the entry into force, the customer has the possibility to purchase additional quantities at the unit price agreed between the customer and the reseller (per designated user, per year) in proportion to the end of the period, subject to the contractual conditions. In addition, the first, second and third anniversary of the entry into force, when the customer authorizes a certain number of designated users beyond the number of Named User licenses previously acquired, to acquire additional Named-User licenses to account for the overrun. If Customer reduces the number of provisions of the Licensed Product during the Term of the License, including after purchasing additional licenses in accordance with this Section, no negative adaptation to the number of Licensed Products is made and Customer is not entitled to (1) a credit or refund from Adobe or the reseller or (2) a reduction in royalties in the future. The Office of the Chief Information Officer worked with Adobe to provide a site-wide license for teachers and employees of Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat Professional for Windows and Macintosh. The prices negotiated by the Ohio State Purchasing Team are the best in their class and are expected to save the university between $250,000 and $500,000 a year as a conservative estimate. Get enterprise-level support 24×7, 365 days a year, access to personalized support from specialists who can help you plan delivery, manage licenses, and more. As a Creative Cloud customer, you also have access to additional 30-minute expert services sessions. OCIO and Ohio State Purchasing may distribute acrobat software to individual users free of charge during the term of the agreement. Acrobat and CC licenses are funded by an assessment directly at the Ohio State Business and Finance division, which is processed at the same time as the Microsoft assessment.

Business and Finance evaluates the cost of services based on the number of faculties and employees they employ during the fall semester and based on previous use of the software. * Subject to growth restrictions and other Creative Cloud terms: The Enterprise version of CC is not stored as the consumer product with cloud storage, and the launch of updates is different. Details on these aspects can be found in the hardware provided in the packager download.