Agreement Between The European Community And The Swiss Confederation On Air Transport

(c) the transport of damaged or broken down vehicles in an emergency; 1. The Contracting Parties have agreed to develop, where appropriate, a coordinated policy on the transport of persons and goods. The aim of this policy is to combine the efficiency of transport systems and environmental protection in order to ensure sustainable mobility. Any abuse of a dominant position by one or more undertakings situated in the territory covered by this Agreement or in a substantial part of this Agreement shall be prohibited as incompatible with this Agreement, in so far as it may affect trade between the Contracting Parties. – such transport shall be carried out within the framework of the Swiss authorization referred to in Articles 9 (1) and 3. After the adoption of the provisions referred to in paragraph 1, Switzerland shall, if necessary, conclude or adapt bilateral agreements with those third countries. The international carriage of commercial goods and the carriage of empty vehicles transiting through the territory of the Contracting Parties shall be deregulated. Such transport shall be carried out within the framework of the licences referred to in Article 9. (To the extent that this Regulation is relevant for the application of this Agreement. The inclusion of this Regulation shall not affect the division of labour in accordance with this Agreement) 1. The Parties agree to take all necessary measures to achieve the objective set out in Article 33. To this end, they undertake to promote combined transport.

3. The Contracting Parties may also conclude public service contracts with railway undertakings in order to ensure appropriate rail services, paying particular attention to social and environmental factors. 3. Both Parties shall cooperate to enable their competent authorities to plan and implement in a coordinated manner the infrastructure, rail and combined transport measures necessary to fulfil the obligations referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 and to harmonise the timetable of work according to the necessary capacity. To that end, they shall pursue the objective of obtaining a return on investment and shall take all appropriate measures within the Joint Committee. A system of ecopoints equivalent to that provided for in Article 11 of Protocol No 9 to the Act of Accession of Austria to the European Union shall apply to Swiss economic operators transiting through Austria within the period of application of this Protocol.