Blanket Agreement Spanish

5. The base commander and the commander of the United States Armed Forces may enter into agreements to prevent and extinguish fires, maintain appropriate sanitary and sanitary conditions on the base, and cooperate during the publication of the disaster. If a reduction in capabilities could significantly affect the activity of the Spanish armed forces, consultations will take place between the competent military authorities of both parties on this matter. Either Party may enter into such consultations. In anticipation of these situations and in order to ensure the continuity of the operation of business and facilities, agreements are concluded concerning the participation of Spanish staff in the operation of IDA. The armed forces of the United States may use, under the conditions laid down in Chapter III of this Agreement, navigational assistance for the approach and landing manoeuvres of their aircraft on the bases set out in Annex 2. The operation, maintenance and management of deliveries of these air navigation services, in accordance with the rules established in the NATO standardization agreements in force, are the responsibility of the Spanish Armed Forces. Until these forces fully assume these functions, U.S. forces can continue to operate and maintain their own equipment currently installed. I have the honour to refer to your note of November 422/12, which proposes that the provisions on industrial cooperation in the field of defence in the 1982 Agreement on Friendship, Defence and Cooperation between the United States and Spain should remain in force until a new agreement on industrial cooperation in the field of defence can be signed, separate from the new agreement on cooperation in the field of defence. I have the honour to inform you that my Government accepts the regulations you are proposing.

2. For each facility or activity, two plans shall be established for posts, one for local staff and one for United States personnel, which reflect the current situation and take into account the provisions of this Agreement. The timetable for local staff and any subsequent changes are communicated to the Spanish Ministry of Defence for approval. The schedule of U.S. personnel and any subsequent changes are communicated to the Spanish Ministry of Defense for information. In any event, the proportionality of each position plan should be respected without the percentage of participation varying beyond 3%. Any change in this proportionality shall be subject to the approval of the MsyIng and Health Commission. 2. Aircraft carrying out logistical missions to or from the Armed Forces of the United States, with the exception of those referred to in paragraph 1, which do not carry VIPs, HAZMAT or cargo or passengers likely to be controversial for Spain, may fly over, enter or leave Spanish airspace and use the bases referred to in Annex 2 on quarterly package discounts; which are approved by the Standing Committee.

. . .