Screening Services Lease Agreement

To find the best tenant screening services, we visited 15 different companies. We searched for them to find out how serious they are, what their customer reviews have yielded, their individual pricing structures, ease of use, processing times, and the screening services they offer. To push back our list of the best, we have selected screening services that offer varied services, fast processing times and positive evaluations. Must call to determine what services are fundamental and what are the premium AAOA offers a free rental app as a PDF file for AAOA members and guests. Tenant screening services are available to both members and non-members. AAOA members receive a $10 discount on testing services. You can get a full credit review and a full score depending on the plan you buy, these credit reports can be available as a traditional FICO, De ResidentScore, VantageScore or NRS report. Criminal background checking can be purchased with a few packages. Be careful in choosing a package, as some contain only the criminal record history for one state and not for the entire United States. For evictions, you will have to pay for the most expensive package ($49.95) to get a national evacuation history. Cheaper packages contain only the state-specific evacuation history and some do not contain the evacuation history at all. Packages range from $19.95 to $49.95 each. It should be noted that although reference controls are not included in a specific package, they can be included as a separate add-on.

The situation is different when it comes to choosing a tenant screening company. This is an additional barrier that is not part of the process of screening tenants with a „Zero Tenant Involvement“ service. At RentPrep, we have four different screening packages, and three are zero tenant participation (Basic, Pro and Platinum), and the fourth requires rental participation (SmartMove). We discovered from our data that about 70% of the requested SmartMove reports are actually completed. This means that 30% of the candidates do not take the necessary steps to complete the substantive report. There are many reasons like spam folders, laziness in candidates or maybe they do not have easy access to a computer with the Internet. Some landlords don`t like to slow down the process by involving the tenant. They charge an application fee and then execute the reports themselves without the tenant`s participation.

Other owners see the 30% as a sign. They don`t mind the tenant being involved, because if they can`t complete the background check, they may not be a good tenant anyway. It`s really because of your preferences. This is one of the reasons why we have added the SmartMove product to our available packages. There are no furnishing fees, no minimum fees, no monthly service fees, and no hidden fees. There is also no waiting to know if your account has been approved. Within a few minutes after registration, you can run your first candidate screen. In each rental screen, you can choose whether the fee should be charged to the applicant or to your company.

It raises other services because it is a system designed for delegation; an owner may delegate the responsibility of screening to his broker. Prices are transparent and the broker can search for multiple properties within their single account. We audited 18 tenant screening services based on price, breadth of their services, speed, and FCRA compliance. In this study, we have selected the top seven to help you protect your investment. MyRental™ of CoreLogic provides homeowners, real estate agents, and home managers with tenant screening solutions so they can identify high-quality candidates….