Sweden Social Security Agreements

Since the agreement coordinates Japanese and Swedish rules, it is guaranteed that a person retains his or her social security and pension rights when moving between countries. The employer is only required to pay social security contributions in one of the countries. The agreement coordinates the Swedish and Japanese public pension, survivors` and disability schemes (sickness and employment benefits for Sweden) and determines whether a person should be insured for such benefits in Sweden or Japan. As the agreement coordinates the Swedish and Japanese regulatory frameworks, individuals will not lose their acquired social security rights, especially pension rights, if they change from one country to another. the laws and regulations relating to the social security schemes referred to in Article 2; Sweden and Japan have agreed on a social security agreement to coordinate social security protection for people who work or live in both Sweden and Japan. The agreement will enhance the safety of staff and their family members moving between the two countries. It will also facilitate Swedish companies doing business with Japan. in so far as this Agreement is without prejudice to contributory cover or benefits from branches of social security other than those referred to in this subparagraph. Employers pay Swedish employers` social security contributions out of the benefits paid to workers covered by the Swedish social security scheme.