Where To Find Ed Agreement On Common App

Is there a correlation between the status of the uploaded/submitted parent tooth agreement and your acceptance? Did anyone list his parents` education agreement as „submissive“ and did he come to his school of education? Anyone from the last few years? COMMENTS please

I don`t see a „gc box anywhere“, but I see where it says school report, etc. Nothing is marked as submitted, and it is simply said that my advisor has been invited. We use Naviance when it makes a difference. Maybe my advisor will send everything there is

If I go to the My Colleges section of the shared app, I don`t get asked for a DE or rd anywhere. Which section should I search in?

make sure that under The consultant is submitted next to the agreement. Good luck!

I was told that I could apply ED electronically without having to print anything. How do I do this and where is the ED form on the shared app`s website?

ok, I will send an email to my advisor to make sure. Thank you very much!!!

Mine said submitted all the time and I got my decision. Don`t worry

no. Everyone receives an email asking them to do it separately. no one sees others.

If the parent says „submitted“ and the gc says „submitted“, you are good!

Dait the site! There are sections that include „counselor,“ „teacher,“ and „parent,“ etc. If the Advisor section has a green checkmark profile and the Parents section has a check mark and says „submitted ED parent agreement“, does that mean I`m already good?

with gc „submitted“, I mean under the gc field with the transcript, school report, etc. Do you see it?

not. When you add the college, choose ed or rd. if you oick ed, is the form with the recommendations. You sign electronically, have Gc signed electronically, and email your parents to sign.

You can have the school as approx., if that`s the case, change that.

Is salvation different. Yes, they may have submitted everything there!

You`re going to the specific college in California. It will ask you if you would like to apply for ED or RD.

Then it will open the required forms for you.

Will this option appear AFTER I submit my writing supplements?

Thank you for help so far, but do parents and counsellors sign different forms? My mother said she signed and submitted the ED form (as shown on CA), but there was no section on her form that a consultant could sign. Do I need to send another form to my advisor?

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